Michael Hunter Artist

Michael Hunter BA Hons
I use a variety of techniques and applications which may include painting, airbrush, photography and digitally collage. It is important for me to have an open-minded approach to the creative process and not limit to one technique, application or medium. I enjoy experimenting and I’m interested in the effect of shapes and forms and how they can be arranged together over interesting grounds to create space and movement.
digital art limited edition print michael hunter artist
Whilst I am creating my abstracts whether its throwing paint around or collaging digitally I always have music on which seems to give me a certain confidence and ability to make definitive decisions such as where to place a certain mark or what colour combination works best in each design. I always carry a sketch book so I can quickly scribble compositions and ideas that spring to mind. One thing I have found with working in an abstract style is that ideas can happen at any time. From the initial ideas, rough compositions and colour combinations I begin to play around with marks and shapes.  I enjoy experimenting with brush marks and various ways of creating textures and marks including photographing natural textures which I may find interesting.
The digital element within my work is also a very important part of the whole process. Here I can digitally enhance the marks and textures which I experimented with. I am able to fine tune colours to get them exactly right and I can move marks and shapes to form eye catching and unusual compositions. Once a design is what I would consider a finished piece then it is stored as a high resolution file and ready to print using the exact colour space used in creating. The finished prints are produced with the best equipment, ink and papers which are approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


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