Art sure & Original Art Register


The Original Art Register was created in 2016 to document original designs and provide proof of ownership of images. Set up by The Fine Art Trade Guild, which I am also a proud member, the scheme allows me to display my images without the threat of copyright issues and unauthorised use. In the event of a copyright challenge the proof of the art print being registered onto the database with date and unique registration number gives me peace of mind and reassurance. 


I am very mindful about the quality of my digital art prints which is why I joined ArtSure, the independent quality assurance scheme for digital prints run by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

The Fine Art Trade Guild has been the leading print registration authority since it was founded in 1847 as the Printsellers Association, with the name changing in 1910. Registered prints were marked with the Guild’s embossed stamp and number code, and have been highly valued by generations of print collectors. 

My limited editions registered with ArtSure can be identified by the logo and registration number. Prints are registered onto the ArtSure database on the Fine Art Trade Guild website where buyers may check the quality and provenance of any registered print edition. 

Buying one of my prints means you can be confident of the quality of the inks and papers used in its production.