What Are The Best Art Prints for Commercial Settings And Residential Interiors?

Commercial establishments have the task of presenting their company image to an excellent standard using first-rate accessories.  Fashionable and professionally presented interiors speak well of any company, and those companies who succeed at achieving this rely on modern artists, such as Michael Hunter. His style of art is ideal to enhance the décor of stylish commercial interiors, in the form of sophisticated poster prints, which capture the attention of the viewer and therefore make an impressive addition to the overall decor.


Why Choose Michael Hunter Art Pieces?

Michael Hunter is passionate about producing art which utilizes a range of creative techniques and applications, which include airbrushing and painting, as well as photography. Michael believes his growing success as an artist is attributed to his open mind approach, which explores various techniques in order to achieve the desired outcome.  Based on Michael’s innovative approach to the creation of art, his pieces are a consistently outstanding choice for commercial settings.


Hard Edge Abstract and Minimalization Art in the Commercial Setting

Hard-edge Abstract art is presented with very precise, clean edges and a flat surface in addition to the use of colours that tend to be mainly monochromatic. Minimalization art is simple in nature and is often composed of basic shapes, with the emphasis on monochromatic and primary colours.

Art designs such as these fit in perfectly within a commercial atmosphere for several reasons, being that the colours are soft and subtle, so they do not interfere with the branding of the company or clash with any type of decor. They are also relaxing and enhance the modern-day business environment, which focuses on contemporary interiors.


A Wise Choice for Commercial Interior Designers

Michael Hunter’s art designs are an excellent choice for interior designers worldwide as his fabulous art pieces would look equally at home in Dubai, London, Miami or New York, just to name a few. These vibrant and contemporary cities are synonymous with inspired and modern business establishments, where his cutting edge and contemporary designs would be the perfect addition to the décor.


Art Prints in the Residential Setting

Many homes are being constructed using the most modern technology, therefore selecting art pieces which include Hard-edged Abstract or Minimalist techniques are the ideal choice to adorn these environments. These types of art complement any setting they are displayed within through their hard edges, geometrical designs, simplicity and soft colours, which are all attributes that make this choice of artwork ideal for residential settings.  Successful designers rely on poster prints as an integral part of their interior architecture design, and to add those finishing touches to whichever environment they have been commissioned to design. 


Buying the Best Art for Interiors

For those interior designers who are looking for an array of poster prints, which include the Michael Hunter art designs, they are readily available here at Millbrook Galleries.  We are a company that specializes in art intended for interior architecture, which elevates the business environment and enhances the residential setting. The range of art we have available for online purchase is not only ideal for commercial interior designers but for a wide range of interior designers. For those who are enthusiastic about collecting art or involved in its distribution, they will find exactly what they are looking for at our Millbrook Galleries.


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