New Vintage Jewelry Store Announcement

Classic Vintage jewelry tells a story of its own. These classy and voguish jewelry pieces reflect the grace and poise of the past, revealing the intricacy of the Edwardian and Victorian era.
antique garnet starburst pendant necklace
The exquisiteness, sophistication, and elegance which the antique jewelry brings is something worth admiring.
You might know of hundreds of distinct jewelry stores and art galleries. However, do you think you are satisfied with the quality and designs they provide? Well, if not, then you need to have a look at our new and exclusive custom jewelry collection.  The charismatic pieces of art, exclusively designed to provide you peculiarity and distinction, are crafted explicitly with preciseness and perfection.
solid gold elephant pendant diamond eyes
The mastermind behind the creativity, Michael Hunter, has designed an array of digital art prints ideal for modern décor along with a selection of retro animal jewelry pieces which imitate the intricate details and class of historic times past.
The good news is the launch of the new online store which consists of a mix of unique and classic antique jewelry along with Hunter’s own digital abstract art prints. The boutique gallery consists of a wide range of Victorian jewelry and décor with something perfect for everyone.

The main inspiration behind the jewelry and décor is Hunter’s passion for animals and nature, which can be seen in his distinct collection of insect and animal jewelry. The nature-inspired jewelry is entirely distinctive and inimitable from the majority of pieces available, ranging from snake pendants to rabbit rings, all possessing a seamless diversity making the collection distinct from its rivals.

gold bunny rabbit rings gemstone eyes uk hallmarked

Having been in this field for the past ten years, Hunter’s capability to produce authentic pieces and supply hand-picked jewelry has enhanced to a superior level. As a skilled, experienced and proficient artist with a background in Fine Art, Michael Hunter has launched a series of digital art prints and décor pieces which mirror the delicacy and versatility of modern age décor.

beige triangle prints

The collection of animal jewelry, vintage pieces, digital art prints, and modern décor is displayed on eBay and Etsy, which exhibit the experience, diversity, and versatility of the talent behind it all. The wide range of classic vintage jewelry including the rabbit ring elephant pendants, horse or equestrian jewelry snake necklaces, emerald rings, and gold filigree indicates the dedication and love of Michael Hunter towards nature, animals, and insects. Every piece is fabricated with perfection along with the assurance of durability, persistence, and quality.  
You can also search for the modern art pieces, digital art prints and classic vintage jewelry on the website, which is quite simple and easy to navigate. The professional approach to develop a well-organized and clean gallery makes it easier for you to explore and admire the different pieces of art at your convenience.  
To develop engagement with clients, the website is designed in such a way that it allows customers to make offers and engage with the owner. This ultimate buying and browsing experience engrosses the purchasers, promoting new suggestions and ideas to help improve the work even more.
Besides the hand-picked jewelry being designed with flawlessness and impeccability, it is thoroughly checked and cleaned before being put up on the site. This assures that every piece is crafted with excellence and supplied to the highest standards to customers. 

So, don’t forget to view the latest collection launched recently. Every piece is created with immaculateness, making every item worthy of adoration. 

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