Animal Inspired Jewelry Pieces 2019 Millbrook Galleries

The charismatic and exquisite pieces of art with an array of distinction and peculiarity make contemporary jewelry pieces particularly attractive.

gold lion head pendant gemstone eyes

Gem Hunt says:

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story.”

And this statement is actually true. The different designs and styles of jewelry indicate the distinct eras and times of their origin, and possess uniqueness of their own, just like the classic retro animal jewelry which reflects the love of the people towards the wonderful and magnificent pieces of art.


Each intricate design has a story of its own, such as the animal jewelry which dates back to the time of Queen Victoria, a classic icon, for whom jewelry held a limitless fascination and symbolic power charged with emotion and association.  But the vintage jewelry, specifically animal jewelry roots can be traced further back to the century of grace and poise. An era brimming with elegance, sophistication, and class, called the Georgian period, which began in 1714. The trend of animal and insect jewelry spread like a wildfire in a forest at that time due to the significant rise in popularity of beautiful pieces of art around that same theme.  Not only this, but the admiration towards jewelry pieces inspired by nature grew further around 1850 and then proliferated intensely during the Victorian period.  This was the time when the ornamental and opulent style of art, known as Art Nouveau, was prevalent. The art which influenced the sinuous, subtle and organic designs of jewelry pieces and furniture which were admired by people from all over the world.  But the story of animal jewelry didn’t end there as the jewelry, with its plethora of designs and styles is popular still.  Different companies and brands have taken inspiration from the historic vintage jewelry pieces which continue to be admired globally.

solid gold elephant pendant diamond eyes

The favorite animals in this kind of jewelry are dogs, birds, lions, and elephants. Why? Well, mainly because each one of them represents a characteristic of their own, such as the dog, which represents loyalty, birds embody freedom and an elephant represents strength and power.   With an array of designs and unique styles, the trend of animal-themed jewelry has increased rapidly in recent times.  Some of the most famous and popular animals in jewelry designs are cats, lions, birds, dogs, foxes, and elephants. These animals also symbolize numerous characteristics to be admired, such as the lion, which indicates bravery and cats, which symbolize sophistication.  Since there is such a plentiful range of different styles and designs, it, therefore, gives distinctive and inimitable options to choose from. The elegant cat jewelry, fox brooches, turtle rings, and elephant pendants each reflect their beauty in an exclusive way. Thus, inspired by the vintage Nouveau art, these animal-themed jewelry pieces have replaced many other jewelry styles and become sought after choices amongst women.

vintage diamond gold horseshoe pendant Well, not only because of its subtle and extraordinary design but also because of the fine-quality gems, pearls, and rock crystals used to create these magnificent jewelry pieces. The question which pops into everyone’s mind is; why do women love this jewelry so much?

Additionally, the intricate jewelry items designed with enamel and Perspex, or the rock crystals too, at times, are ornamented with breathtaking gems, crystals, and seed pearls, which give a sparkly and decorative color combination to portray the love of animals in seamless and retro jewelry pieces. The distinction in brooches, pendants, rings, pins and necklaces make these jewelry items far more attractive and impeccable, one of the major reasons why women mostly opt for such jewelry.   Besides, the reflection of wildlife, the immaculate designs, and premium quality of these jewelry pieces makes them subtle, quite often the only one of its kind and simply flawless. What increases the curiosity among jewelry lovers, even today, is that these items have something special which is inspired by the wonders of nature, and therefore even more adorable.  But then again in a fascinating and enthralling twist of style, not only the elite class of women but also the men like to adorn themselves with these inspired decorative pieces made to resemble the animals and wildlife.

signed art nouveau opal diamond butterfly brooch 14 karat gold

There is a wide collection available, with almost every animal you love. You can find good quality, lavish jewelry pieces at affordable prices. The range includes lizard brooches, turtle rings, elephant pendants, gold animal rings, cat and bird jewelry and much more. All these different animals indicate and symbolize something irreplaceable and sophisticated. Even after such a long time (considering the Georgian era) one can find these cutting edge jewelry pieces worldwide.   The majority of these pieces are handmade, designed with delicacy and accuracy, which is one of the primary reasons why the trend of such jewelry is expanding with each day passing by.

art deco old cut diamond running hare brooch 18k gold

The passion and zest for wearing almost every kind of jewelry in the Victorian era can be clearly observed in this paragraph below:

“Victorian jewelry is classified by three periods that mirrored Queen Victoria’s life: romantic, grand and aesthetic. The ‘romantic’ period symbolizes the monarch’s sentimental side when her husband – Prince Albert – was still alive. Natural themes are common to antiques from this period, including decorative animal, bird and butterfly jewelry.”


Today you can easily find these beautiful pieces of art at different retail stores and online markets. The much-admired brooches & pins and pendants are obtainable in multiple price ranges, which means you have a variety to select your favorite piece from.

These popular jewelry pieces have a certain charisma which attracts people, specifically women a great deal.  It perfectly suits your scarf, dress or suit, making you feel special and unique.

woman wearing gold panther pendant necklace

Many people prefer wearing classic vintage jewelry, as it symbolizes an inimitable yet elegant and exquisite look.  If you are one of those people who love such jewelry pieces as well, then try not to miss the collection of the most adorable animal jewelry at Millbrook Galleries. They have an array of wonderfully designed animal jewelry items, which make the perfect complement to almost every look.

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